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2017 Mercedes Sprinter is More Than just a Van

2017 Mercedes Sprinter is More Than just a Van

2017 Mercedes Sprinter is More Than just a Van

 Think of mini vans and the first thing that comes to mind might be dumpy, mid-sized cars hauling kids to soccer practice. The market is saturated with unattractive, cookie-cutter vans that may look big on the outside, but inside are surprisingly cramped.

The new Mercedes Sprinter aims to change the way you think about vans, and people have been taking into notice.

Mercedes Benz sprinter

With its sleek, sloping front and multitude of available options, Mercedes has created a van that’s suitable for nearly everyone’s needs while still looking stylish and maintaining a high quality standard. The Mercedes Sprinter is like a blank palette. It’s available in a cargo and passenger model, meaning that it can be customized to satisfy a variety of individual tastes, including family and business needs.

Best options available

Family-wise, its one of the best options available. The Sprinter offers 10 removable seats (and still with storage room to spare), as well as 2.7 liter turbo diesel direct fuel injection engine, which gets 28 mpg at 55mpg. So now on your family camping trips, not only will you be able to comfortably pack all of your equipment, children, even your dog, but you’ll also get better gas economy than an RV.

Even with its wide, tall body, the Mercedes Sprinter has smooth steering and an excellent turning radius, moving swiftly around tight corners. It also comes standard with a tilt and telescoping steering wheel to make the drive even easier.

If you’re on the market for a business vehicle, the cargo version is an economical, as well as stylish option. It comes in your choice of standard, high, or mega roof height. Body length can be one of three options-233 inches, 273 inches, or 289 inches. Visit this site for more information :

And finally you have the choice of 144 inch or 170 inch wheelbase. A towing capacity of 7,500lbs, allows you to haul nearly anything you need. With all of the different combinations available, there is a size to fit any business’s needs.

  • Although the Sprinter is a practical cargo van, it can also be used as a charter vehicle, bringing passengers to and from destinations or on tours. Its cargo area makes it ideal as an airport shuttle. But it could also serve as a smaller, more intimate tour bus.
  • Other available options and add-ons to tweak the Mercedes Sprinter to your liking include rear parking assist, automatic climate control, sunroof, and heated seats. Standard safety features are anti-lock brakes, an emergency window, and stability control. And as a bonus, its size makes it easy to add just about anything else you can think up. A sleeping bench, mini fridge, entertainment center-all is possible with this spacious and functional vehicle.

So if you’re on the market for something with more flair than the typical, dull minivans. Take a look at a Mercedes Sprinter and imagine the possibilities that lie within. A comfortable family car, a stylish camper, or a business opportunity-the Sprinter has them all covered with the quality you’d expect from Mercedes.

If you are planning to go for a sleek and stylish model vehicle that can meet business as well as family needs, then you can think of Mercedes Sprinter Smooth driving and home-like facilities makes it a customized functional vehicle. For details, visit sprinter van for sale

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